HiCube Coating is the result of three generations of experience in the laminations and pressure sensitive coating industry.  Established in 2007 to address commodity based but technically distinct market opportunities, HiCube Coating develops products, manufactures and partners with market leaders in the HVAC, Automotive, Medical, Packaging and Construction markets.

Leveraging its co-location with Lamart Corporation, a specialty laminator and coater with over 50 years of success in numerous markets, HiCube Coating develops and markets products from its Clifton, New Jersey offices while using multiple locations to manufacture the designed solutions. HiCube Coating maintains research, development and lab coating capabilities with Lamart Corporation.

The HiCube Coating business model also allows for secure risk management as it maintains the capability of providing manufactured products in at least four other countries in addition to its New Jersey facility and other U.S. partner locations.


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